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tv   [untitled]    November 10, 2011 12:00am-12:30am PST

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[laughter] captioned by the national captioning institute >> meeting called to order. >> roll-call. >> [takes roll] >> item #2, the approval of the minutes of the september 27, 2011 meeting. >> so moved. >> second. >> item #3. public comment on executive session. is there a motion? >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> council
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>> we move that will not disclose anything discussed in closed session. >> so moved. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> item #six. please be advised that the ringing of and use of cell phones, pagers and similar sound producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. please be advised that the chair may order the removal from the meeting room of any person responsible for the ringing of or use of a cell phone, pager, or other similar sound producing electronic device. please be advised a member of the public has up to three minutes to make art and public comments on each agenda item. item number 7, the executive director's report. >> thank you so much with a
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great turnout today. i have a number of things, happy and sad, on the agenda today. first, i want to start out with terrific news about the port -- copra crane project. we have long had a goal of saving and refurbishing the copra crane. it is located between the third street bridge and the 280 extension. for those of you that can see very well, it looks like this. the significance of the copra crane is that it was the last hand operated piece of equipment used for cargo. as you can imagine, it was built too long ago to remember. it has been in a somewhat tenuous physical condition. i am pleased to announce that the initial phase of rescuing
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and refurbishing the crane has begun with the help of the municipal transportation authority, who helped us by dismantling and storing the crane as a part of their project, which is adjacent to the claim. we really appreciate their generosity in doing so. not only that, but they're good service in making sure that through their project the crane was not impacted in any way. as of right now, the crane has been safely stored away. the next phase will be to operate on the pier that was there and hopefully the rebuilding of the crane itself. the port minced team will be assisting with all of that. an entity of volunteer labor historians will be asking everyone of you to help.
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on your way out, i think there is a little basket. we would appreciate it if you contributed to this were the venture. anyway, copra crane is finally becoming the landmark it was long hoped to be. next, to discuss a pilot program on smart trash cans in the fisherman's wharf. as you know, 2009, the city passed a law regarding the goals for the conversion of waste. we responded with our own zero waste program. we have come across something called the big valley contractors. a cute name. looks like this, for all of you that have not seen it. we are going to be looking with big belly compactors to do a pilot program in fisherman's wharf where we have the highest density traffic and wait time. what they do, first of all,
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instead of garbage cans there are two compactors. one is for composting. one is for trash and recycling. as you know, the city's trash collector does they're sorting at the '96. they take them together and sort it on our behalf. what is great about this compactors is that they are solar operated. as they start to get filled, they have a sensor that will compact the waist and recyclables. they will notify the port means division when they need to be emptied. we are hoping that this results in a greater efficiency with respect to the port's ability to pick up the garbage. particularly in a fisherman's wharf so, at the end of the program, we will likely come
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back with a look at purchasing these big bellies, or other places in the waterfront. it should be an interesting venture, on our part. >> [whispering] i have a question. >> very soon. [laughter] says the man from vacation who is only back for four hours. >> [inaudible] >> so, i cannot decide whether to be sad or happy about my next item our beloved kevin carroll, the executive director for the fisherman's wharf community benefit district, has been recruited away. happily, not too far.
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so, it took us about one month to stop grieving. now we are ready to celebrate his accomplishments at the port. kevin, it seems like you have been there forever. i do not know exactly how many years it has been. over 2 1/2 years he has accomplished an amazing amount of work. there are those provisions, whether we knew it or not, that had been taken to the next level, building up from disaster response and prepared this, to attracting locals, fishermen, and reminding the city community and fabric that fishermans wharf is not just a key part of the tourism economy. it is a key part of the neighborhood structure. for kevin, there has never really been a a demarcation of where it ended. it blended for him.
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he has just been an amazing cheerleader and cali. a great friend. he has been the energizer bunny of ideas floating around. he has tremendously large shoes to fill -- left a tremendously large shoes to fill. we really want to thank you on behalf of all of the staff for this great opportunity to work with you, learn from you. regardless of what you were doing, you made it fun. so, we thank you very much for that. best wishes to you in your journey ahead. >> on behalf of the commission, we fl everything being said.
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it -- echo everything being said. we have a small plaque for you here. thank you for all of your hard work and support in the community. [applause] >> thank you very much. thank you, monique. i have enjoyed the last few years tremendously. before i came to work here, i did not know much about the
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port. with the merchants in daily working on the war, have become very proud of the community and benefit district. i look forward to continuing to work with counsel. thank you very much. i am very flattered. [applause] >> thank you. are you done with your report? >> no. did you want to stand for kevin? >> [inaudible] >> i do not know. >> susan is begging to get to the microphone. >> is there any public comment on this particular item? >> thank you. i know that there are many in the audience that would like to come and thank heaven. if you could bear with us for a couple of testimonials, i guess.
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i wanted to personally thank him, on behalf of not only the port and staff, me personally, and stakeholders in this community. he has provided so much leadership and built up so much consensus in the neighborhood. it is immeasurable, how much he has done in his short tenure. there are times when it feels he is everywhere. he goes to every single meeting and just supports everything. just to name a few of the things, i could go on all day. to name a few things he has done, he was an active participant and leader in the public realm of fisherman's wharf. he hired more security officers. he holds bimonthly san francisco police department meetings. he played a significant role in
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neighborhood outreach to solve the ongoing problems of the clubs that were closed down because of the continued violence in the neighborhoods. he introduced the ambassador program, which helps visitors who are lost at the fisherman's wharf area. to repeat the increasing appears safe programs, -- to bp be increasing of pier save programs, he brought sunday streets into the war for. he was a huge supporter of the fourth of july, fleet week, the italian heritage for raid. -- power raid -- parade. thank you for your wrote -- your
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role model and friendship. good luck. [applause] >> hello, i am the president of the fisherman's wharf [unintelligible] and the unfortunate recipient of kevin's power chair. [laughter] the heights that kevin has brought to our organization, the relationships that he has fostered, and the incredible amount of professionalism that i feel you have generated for our community and neighborhood, it is truly a measurable. we are sad to see you go. very sad. we wish you well. thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for the hard work,
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commitment, dedication, and professionalism. thank you. [applause] >> commissioners, i am coming before you today mad, upset, disappointed. [laughter] mostly, proud of kevin carroll. when we first hired him, we knew that he would do well he is going to bring all of those great skills together, keeping the momentum going to the hotel conference. there are 60 people at eating at the regency right now, talking about the america's cup. which is going to help all of us here at fisherman's wharf and
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the port. you have been a great working partner to me, kevin. also, a great friend. [applause] >> i am a member of the san francisco travel association. it is my pleasure to recognize kevin's contribution to his community. not only in fisherman's wharf, but beyond. i want to commend you for that. kevin has been a great partner, elevating the visibility of fisherman's wharf. he has worked hard to make the fisherman's wharf a better place. a better place to visit in this city. we are happy that he is staying
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in the community and look forward to working with him. on behalf of our 1600 members and contributions to the community, thank you. [applause] >> commissioners, my name is kathy [unintelligible] of pier 39. i wrote a little something. what can i say about kevin, other than i hold him in the highest regard? he served as the executive director, one of the most honest and dedicated individuals i have ever met. he constantly approach as all manner of obstacles in a calm way, which can be very difficult. over the short time that he spent with us, kevin was able to take us to the next level.
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he has the wonderful ability to smooth over dissension. whether it is securing the realm of the public, mobile food trucks, or preparing special vents, kevin always has the best interests of our neighborhood and its constituents at heart. i want to personally thank kevin, my colleague and friend, for all of his contributions to fisherman's wharf and the rest of san francisco. i know that you will continue to do great things for the community. thank you, kevin. [applause] >> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is [unintelligible] i did the first cbd in union square. i highly respect kevin carroll
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and everyone else who does these things for the city. i wish we had more of him here to do the financial district, which is struggling so hard to achieve. we will do it, but it would be easier if we had your talent. good luck. i hope you keep on with the good work. [applause] >> jay edwards, senior property manager. kevin and i started, almost to the day, 2 1/2 years ago. it was the blind leading the blind, i have to tell you. taylor street reconstruction, i am surprised i am not a part of it. the project under way with community support, kevin was
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willing to hear all sides, put people together. i cannot thank you enough for your support and help. i consider him a great friend. [applause] >> kevin, do you want to say something? >> [inaudible] >> thank you. thank you very much. before we go on, i would like to ask corrin to come up. >> [inaudible] >> right. >> corrin woods, member of the central waterfront advisory
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group, and trash-picker-upper. watching that crane deteriorated has been so sad. i would like to thank the port for your support in its rehabilitation of an earlier time in port maritime history. thank you. >> including many members, next is -- i do not know if i have words for the next item. fleet week this year was more phenomenal, more astounding. bigger, better, everything, over last year, which i did not
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believe could happen. there is a petite gentleman in the back of the room that is responsible for all of that. i would like to extend a thank- you to general michael himself. i really want to start with port staff. i will not go after the city family, it could go on for days. but port staff has just been incredible. in no particular order, i would like to thank [lists many names] and probably everyone at port maintenance, engineering, real estate, finance, and others i did not get to. we would also like to recognize sinbad's restaurant, who gave away their entire parking lot
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for free, over to official vehicles for fleet week. the cornelius also gave a portion of their deck to sinbad's. kevin carroll, again, kevin attended nearly every meeting. on behalf of the fisherman's wharf benevolence society. [laughter] really helping a ton in integrating those reflections. melanie watkins, and a host of others. the oakland navy league, which hosted the bar-b-que for the sailors that toasty. the blue and gold fleet, which offered free passage on uniform. lorenzo at metro cruises, and
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particularly captain carl lorton, liaison on the 11 or 12 ships that came in. a thank-you to all of them for that stuff. we have a number of members of the san francisco fleet week association. if you will stand for a moment, i would be so honored. [applause] the fleet week association is a volunteer organization that works around-the-clock, probably for 90 days out of every year. each year, they get bigger and bigger ideas than they can execute. particularly, i would like to draw attention to general quiet
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making -- general why it making fleet week some memorable -- wyat making fleet week so memorable. ensuring that all of us who are responsible for disaster response and humanitarian aid, we will be able to come together under more comfortable circumstances, getting to know each other. for example, this year's seminar was really inspired by the governor of mississippi, as well as the naval commander who responded in japan. most of whom are naval individuals in their own right, with it their own ideas for all of us. it has occurred to me that this could not be possible, were it not for general why it himself. i have been reading a lot --
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wyatt himself. the general takes some of that take no -- do not take no for an answer attitude. i have never seen anyone running so fast on so little sleep. i want you to know how very grateful we are and how many people have commented on how well orchestrated fleet week is. so, from the bottom of my heart, general, thank you so much for all the to do for all of us. [applause] >> on behalf of the commission, we would also like to thank you. i have the opportunity to vote on saturday and watched the air
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show. every nook and cranny of the port was filled with people. it was wonderful. you have been doing an amazing job. it just keeps getting better and better. thank you so much. we have a small plaque with "gratitude, congratulations on the successful and spectacular fleet week." we also have a small token of our appreciation. >> thank you. [s sneeze]
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>> please. >> i am really taking bows for the work of a lot of people. with all the names that she read off in the embarcadero area, we did have a mission to advance preparations in the event of a catastrophic disaster. we have actually achieved so much, just because of the relationships in the form. i believe that the relationships, just within the san francisco bay area, are better today than they were two years ago for a year ago. that is all positive.
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the relationships that we have with the military and naval services are outstanding. liam has turned into one of our volunteers, interviewing a lot of sailors and marines. they were so taken with not just the beauty of the city, but the friendliness. we owe a lot to these inferences films in the greater bay area of -- san franciscans in the greater bay area. it was a success. as much as we can, adding a luster to the fort of san francisco. -- port of san francisco. i have gotten letters and messages from the pentagon, telling me what a great show.
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even new york understands that this is the largest fleet week in the united states. and it has a purpose. they were asking me -- what are you doing out there that we are not doing in new york? i said -- i am not telling you. [laughter] kevin carroll, we keep mentioning his name, but he was at every single meeting. he was a great contributor. i am glad to see him moving on to something where i know he will be helping us out. this one is even bigger, and i do not know if we have found a place to put it in the court. last week itas


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